The Podcast that Reinvents the Other Side of 40 With Sass, Crass, and Kickin’ Ass

Welcome to Feminine Hijinx! Your hosts, Angie Bailey and Susie Shubert, are two Minneapolis authors who regularly laugh ‘til their stomachs ache. They love to dish about unconventionality, retro weirdness, poop jokes, bad puns, lady topics, badassery, and more.

Angie and Susie
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Latest Podcast Episode

Mom’s Advice, Killer Party Themes, and Birthday Hoopla: FH018 January 20, 2020

Are we turning into our moms? We share advice our mothers gave us, including marriage wisdom and boob-touching magic. Also featured in this episode: Susie’s tool-stealing, Angie’s opinions on American cheese and mayo, and Gwyneth’s overpriced vag candle.

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