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Welcome to Feminine Hijinx! Your hosts, Angie Bailey and Susie Shubert, are two Minneapolis authors who regularly laugh ‘til their stomachs ache. They love to dish about unconventionality, retro weirdness, poop jokes, bad puns, lady topics, badassery, and more.

Angie and Susie
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Latest Podcast Episode

It’s a Ladies’ Room Time Machine: FH008 November 11, 2019

Applying secret make-up, gossiping, naughty rendezvous-ing, losing jewelry in the toilet — the ladies’ room has and continues to be a cornucopia of sweet, funny, and, um, interesting memories. This week, we flush out our brains and recall some of our favorite ladies’ rooms shenanigans. Also featured in this episode: bathroom stall poetry, new hairdos, and pre-holiday drinking.

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